Sensor Offshore Safety

*** In memory of Reidulf Maalen. A true Captain among Men - 21st Apr.2019 ***

Reduce the loss of lives at sea

A disturbing number of man overboard incidents occur every year in the maritime transport industry. Unfortunately, most of these incidents are fatal. The loss of many lives each year and associated costs rapidly call for a change.

SOS ((Multi-) Sensor Offshore Safety System) helps to reduce the loss of lives at sea. It is a new automatic man overboard alert system, which uses advanced integrated sensor technology to detect any person falling overboard in real time and immediately alarms the crew in such an event.

Instantaneous man overboard alert

The key aspect of SOS is that it instantaneously detects and alerts in man overboard scenarios.

An international R&D consortium currently works on the development of SOS, which combines state-of-the-art sensors into a flexible prototype. On completion, SOS will be a reliable and cost-effective overboard alert system for the maritime transport industry.

The research and development of SOS is supported by the European Union.

Early adopters

Although SOS is still in a development stage, early adopters are free to contact us to learn more about the system's potential for their vessel(s).